Monday, October 22, 2012

Lost In Time

I opened my blog today and realized that I had not posted for an entire year! WHAT? I never considered myself one to write in a diary or keep a journal.  I guess that much is obvious to you too!  But now that my grandson  is born I have been more inspired to sew.  And sew things I have not even considered in decades. First on the list was the baby quilt. Hmmm. I got paint swatches from the kids and some ideas on the concept of the room.  The nursery had grey walls, and they decided to add one accent wall in argyle. So I started looking at different quilt patterns. I finally settled on a pattern by Teri Christopherson, Black Mountain Quilts called BABY CAKES.  This gave me an argyle look and I modified the pattern to three blocks across and four down to give me a better crib size. It is approximately 46 x 58".  This is a nice size for transition later into a toddler bed.

And then of course you have to see it in context.  Here is the nursery - ready to go. And the quilt was done on time too! I guess by now you've noticed that there are some Seahawks fans in this household.