Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is here! Time to sew

With a change in weather comes a change in activities. I look forward each Fall to some time indoors with the sewing machines, fabric, and occasional craft project. I have a long list of things I'd like to finish, which I always feel pressure to complete before beginning something new. This year Lara is here and also eager to create. Soon I'm hoping to begin a craft day with my girls where we can share and try new ideas, or just hang out and sew together. My sewing room has yet to be "organized", but what the heck. Maybe it's time to dive in and just use it, organization can be done on the fly.
Last week I dug out my sewing machine, the serger and uncovered the quilting machine. Now we've used the serger and I've loaded a practice top on the quilting machine to test the tensions and threads, and practice a bit. Learning to quilt on a home longarm machine is not an easy task! It does require practice, and patience, and trying lots of different things to find the best method to proceed. I like it to opening tubes of acrylic paint and expecting to paint a masterpiece first try. Not going to happen! But I'm committed to learning this, a little bit at a time!

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