Monday, April 25, 2011

Quilt Shop In A Box

As we were driving north for three days, I carried my little box of quilting supplies in the back seat.  Marlin called it my quilting store in box!  It's a three tier box that snaps together.  The first layer is quilting supplies, the second layer spools of thread, and the last is a handwork project I can do anywhere.  Small, compact and easy to pickup anytime.  These are small 1/2" hexagons that I am paper piecing with silk dupioni and one cotton print fabric. The paper pieces are die cut and come 125 to a package.  I don't really have a design plan yet, I figured it would come along when I'd had enough of the paper pieces! I was inspired by my friend Jovita's silk hex's.
Elisabeths' Garden  Hand sewn by Jovita Goldschmidt

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