Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Leaner Year

Getting all that baby stuff done in 2012 was a reminder that once on the sewing wagon, things usually are fun and progress much faster than I had imagined.  But in my life sewing time has it's ups and downs.  The ups result in unfinished works laying helter skelter all over my studio.  The downs are when I walk into my studio and can't initiate anything because of the chaos. I guess the organizational side of me always wins over the creative.  UNLESS there is motivation to finish - like the grandbaby's due date, a big social event.  You get the idea.

So on this New Year I look over my accomplishments since the last post.  I do actually keep a list of project completed each year (organizational side again) so let's see….

Marin wanted a specific dress to wear for Owen's first birthday.  She described it, we found a pattern that would work and then looked for fabrics.  The result!?  A chevron navy and white halter dress - very nautical and she looked great in it.
Marin with family and in-laws
The pattern is McCalls M6745, Riley Blake "Chevron"cotton print, Kona Solid White, navy piping.
The skirt was supposed to be pleated and the pattern cut in more of a "circle".  I had to adapt it to a straight line pleat, and was pleasantly surprised that the zigs lined up with the zags and it worked out!

I didn't actually complete any quilt projects last year.  I see that I several tops underway that are still waiting to be quilted YEARS later.  Where does the time go?  I've made several baby items, and pieced a few tops. This better be the finishing year.  Here is a project I am working on from the scraps from owens' baby quilt.

I'd like this to be a large floor pillow for Owen to flop on to read books in his room.  I am using this Floor Pillow tutorial as a guideline for putting it together with the leftover 2.5" strips.

That's all for now - wishing you a year of completions too!


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