Monday, June 23, 2008


June is such a busy month, a lot of birthdays, father's day, school graduations, and what we all look forward to each year, the beginning of summer. This year has been slow to get summery! The weather is the intitial topic of any conversation, vying with gas prices for whose on top. With the encouragement of my neighbor, Carol, I have a raised vegetable garden this year. It's been fun to see it grow, although at times painfully slow growing. I've encountered a new garden pest that I never had before - the snail! And let me tell you they are NOT slow. In one evening they can wipe out an entire crop of lettuce. With all the rain we've been having the foliage is always damp and there are great places for the snail to play. Saturday I was on a mission and collected an entire gallon ziploc bag full of the little nibblers. I'm hoping that this mission will save my lettuce until I can at least enjoy one salad!
This is an experimental year for my garden, and it's certainly a labor of love.


lara said...

That's YOUR veggie garden?? It's grown so much since I was home!! All it needed was a little sunshine! I want to be a green thumb like you and grandma when I have a yard!

Jan said...

You have an awesome garden, the zucchini bread was magnificent.