Monday, April 7, 2008

It's been nine months since we picked up and moved our home to a new city. With this move I finally realized the dream to have my own sewing room. Imagine all my fabric, books, quilts, tools, machines and even my computer all in the same room! It's time for a fresh start and after months of "getting organized" I have finally jumped back into my projects.
I recently discovered so many quilters and knitters are blogging and it seems a great way to share your work and progress with family and friends, and meet a few new friends along the way.
This Storm At Sea quilt is one I made and donated for a raffle held by our local quilting guild. It is approximately 14 x 20" - a miniature that was paper pieced and machine quilted. It was one of eight quilts that adorned a six foot lighthouse that our guild built to participate in a local festival.



marin said...

a quilt almost as beautiful as it's maker. :)

nice lookin blogspot!! :)

Jan said...

Beautiful quilt!