Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knit Wits

I think a lot of quilters have bounced around the idea of knitting, or at least have admired the lovely bins of colorful fibers at their local shops. My grandmother, Esther, taugh me to knit at a very young age, starting with knitted slippers. I was so overjoyed to be able to knit a real, useful piece of clothing. I wish I still had a picture of those slippers!

Last year, my daughter (who is an avid knitster!) Marin and I went to the local yarn shop. I always swear I'm just going to look! We admired so many different types of yarn. There were ladies sitting in the shop knitting socks. Of course I couldn't help but ask WHY? Why would anyone use such tiny needles to knit a pair of socks? They cost so much more than in the store. Of course all the ladies said once you wear a pair of hand knit socks, you'll understand! So.... being the crazy nut that I am (with virtually beginner skills) I bought a skein of yarn and size 5 double end sock needles.

It wasn't too bad actually, I figured most of it out, and the socks are relatively the same size! Not bad for the first time by a beginner! I ended up buying another skein for the other sock. And what's wrong with dixie cup orange socks? They go with so much in my closet! Believe it or not, this was FUN and I bought size 2 needles and finer sock yarn! Eeeggads!

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J said...

Plus they match your button necklace! Nice to see them finished. Have you started your 2nd pair? I had a "pair" for a long time - one striped, one green. The 2nd green one is now finished but oh, that striped one is still waiting for it's partner . . .